Honolulu Quickie

As I was assembling this journey, I made arrangements in order to get the most time possible in cities where I would be laying over. Singapore was the first and best example. So after departing Sydney on Monday eve, I arrived 5-6 hours later in Honolulu on Monday morning at 6. (Don't think about it.) My next flight was scheduled for 10:30 that night, so I had a whole day to ride the buses and see what I could find. Since the art museum was closed, I can only report on Art more casually - from the airport to the beaches. But first, there was the traditional lei ceremony:  

Très romantique n'est pas?

Then some airport art:

Illima by Kristie Fujiyama Kosmides, 2012
also by Kristie Fujiyama Kosmides

Downtown to a few sculptures:

King Kamehameha I by Thomas Ridgeway Gould, 1883
Passage by Mamoru Sato, 1993
Sky Gate by Isamu Naguchi, 1977
Embrace by Karen Lucas and Richard Miller, 2007
And street art.

The bus indicated that it was going to Diamond Head, but turned around at this nice cactus garden:

Had lunch with the natives at the world famous Rainbow Drive-In:

Moco Loco
Then, I was searching for a statue of a surfer on the beach, when I found myself at Ala Moana Park, near Waikiki.


There, stretched along the beach, were at least a dozen wedding couples posing for photos. Some of the grooms even wore long pants.

Then back to the airport.  Aloha.

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