Vlaggetjesdag in Scheveningen, 2019

Our travels in the summer of 2019 were primarily based around festivals and events in Europe. However, we did manage to find quite a bit of Art, so we'll call it an Arts and Culture Tour. We began in Den Haag, Nederland for Vlaggetjesdag. We have been to "The Hague" before and explored many of the museums, galleries, and art-oriented special events, as well as Scheveningen, which is the ocean-front section of this great city.

Vlaggetjesdag (Flag Day, referring to the pennants on the herring boats) celebrates the arrival of the first herring (Hollandse Nieuwe). And Scheveningen is the center of Dutch herring fishing, so the celebration was wild. Led by the Mayor of Den Haag, everyone leaned way back to lower the chopped-onion filet into their mouths.

Traditional crafts were featured:

Herring madness ensued:

We will return to Nederland (which is what the Dutch call their country) later. But first, it's off to Italy.

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