Sculpture at Ursinus College

Rising Path by Zigi Ben-Haim, 1986
Marble and Red Granite Bench Form 90-8 by Thomas Sternal, 1990
Synagogue by Christopher Cairns, 1985
Bolt by 
Circle by Joyce De Guatemala, c 1985
Plates by Glenn Zweygardt
Seated Woman by Herbert Seiler, 1970
Rising by George R. Anthonisen, 2004-05
 Two Watchers V by Lynn Chadwick, 1967
Murder-Cain and Abel by George R. Anthonisen, 1975-76
I Set Before You This Day by George R. Anthonisen, 1979-80
Black Beast by Lynn Chadwick, 1960
Meditation by George R. Anthonisen, 1994-1995
Creation by George R. Anthonisen, 1981
Pyramid Forms by Lynn Chadwick, 1965
 Three Electras by Lynn Chadwick, 2018
Cloaked Figures by Lynn Chadwick, 1978
The Watchers by Lynn Chadwick, 1960
Getting Involved by J. Seward Johnson Jr., 1997
 Cutout Three Aluminum by Paul Sisko
Drumbeat by John Foster, 1993
Down to Earth VIII by J. Seward Johnson, Jr. c 1990
Sumo 8 by Ernest Shaw, 1988
Harmony by Daniel Kainz, 1993
Bearkeeper by Glenn Zweygardt
Love by After Robert Indiana, 1976
GraniteMarble Columns by Thomas Sternal, 1990
Upheaval II by Glenn Zweygardt
The Grizz by Terry Lee, 2013
Monitor by Lynn Chadwick, 1965
Moon of Alabama by Lynn Chadwick, 1957
Diamond by Lynn Chadwick, 1984
Aspects of Art-Muse, Scholar, Dancer, Artisan by Joe Mooney, 2002
 Sitting Figure by Lynn Chadwick, 1962
another angle
Weeping Walls by Richard Gottlieb, 1970
The Oval by G. Noble Wagner, 1974
Disk by Paul Sisko, 1993
Sculpture No 4 (Greek) by Peter Hide, 1993

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