Van Abbe Museum

by Gunther Brendel, 1930
 Winter Painting by Max Beckmann, 1930.
Free by Sol Le Witt, 2010.
Landscape by Jan Sluijters, 1910
Farm by Heinrich Campendonk, 1919.
 View on Murnau with church by Wassily Kandinsky, 1910
Isle of Man by Kurt Schwitters, 1941
The Accordion by Fernand Léger, 1926
Suprematist composition Airplane Flying by Kazmir Malevich, 1915
 Dancer by Isaac Israels, c 1921-22.
Vase of Flowers by Jan Sluijters, 1929
Reclining Nude by Jan Sluijters, 1931.
Reading Woman by Jan Sluijters, 1911
Repertoire-A Five Year Plan by Daniel Perjovschi, 2006-2010

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